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Sadie, our mini-poodle, has taken a turn to the bossy side. She enforces a new command called “move.” When we ask Lily to “move” from the chair, sofa, bed or other restricted zone, Sadie begins to woof. We think she is trying to say “move” with us. Lily follows the move command – when and only when Sadie participates in the process!

Here is where Lily usually is when we ask her to “move…”


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Sadie and Lily go for a Ride

Sadie and Lily are back from their long hiatus. They enjoy few things more than taking a joy ride through the streets of Philadelphia. Here’s proof, once again!

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Sadie and Lily are committed to food. Birthdays and other celebrations are high on their list of fun times. They are working this situation hard to get a bit of the fabulous Italian Rum cake on the corner of the counter. It’s from our favorite bakery in Philly. It is fair to say that the bakery is a favorite of Sadie and Lily too. The candles are vintage.

MM & RY 2012

Seriously Sadie!

Lily sits in disbelief at the antics of Sadie the Squirt

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Sadie is a clever girl. She has heightened senses and therefore barks a lot. She barks to let us know that she has heard a noise in the distance. We often doubt her, but over the years we have learned she is not random. She simply has superior hearing. Last night she heard thunder in the distance many seconds before we did. Like all dogs, she also has a superior sense of smell as well. For instance, she discovered this eggshell at Fairmount Park last week with her nose! It has since washed away in the rains of the past couple of days. In the mean time, Sadie has parked on the favorite chair, positioned to alert us to all that is new. MM & RY 2010

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Sadie La P is nosy. She has to be in on everything happening in the kitchen, on the stoop, in the living room, and at work. She displays her interest in the following ways:

  • She runs at a full gallop when the door of the refrigerator opens.
  • She barks each and every time she hears footsteps outside of the front window.
  • She darts off of the stoop to investigate dogs and kids who pass by on the rare occasions when she is allowed to sit on the front stoop.
  • She is a thief – of all things rawhide-related that belong to Lily.
  • Sadie is a tattle tale. She insists we pay attention to the things she has noticed by looking at them, then at us over and over and over until we pick up on what she is communicating.

As for Lily, she peacefully co-exists with her relentlessly energetic l’il sis. Luckily, Lily is an easy going smoosh of a dog whose greatest joys in life involve playing with her pals at the park and licking every human she meets when they aren’t looking.

MM & RY 2010

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It’s Sadie! We submitted a photo of her to Dogs in Sweaters. She was wearing her Sponge Bob sweater and a pink polka dot harness, plus she was covered from head to paw in snow crystals from frolicking with Lily in December’s snowfall. Click here to see more photos of Sadie and Lily in the last snowfall. With a new snow storm underway, we are anticipating that over a foot of snow¬† will fall in Philadelphia during the next 24 hours. Below is a link to 13 seconds of Sadie hopping around in it the last time. She and we are eagerly awaiting the new batch! MM & RY 2010

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List of Sadie’s 2010 Adventures (so far)

1. She wears her baggy sweater full-time. It keeps her from scratching her hot spots.

2. She has already fallen off the bed once. Now she sleeps with her paws wrapped around the rungs of the frame to prevent late night accidents.

3. Sadie has been howling with an extra loud voice at people who sing while walking down the street. We can offer no explanation for this behavior.

4. Sadie greets every runner at the Art Museum stairs personally. Then she shows off by running the “Rocky Stairs” as fast as she can, in her baggy sweater. We admit to bias when we say it is adorable.

5. She has extended her chair territories to include one by the upstairs bedroom. She likes it even better when there is a large fluffy blanket on the chair in which she can snuggle.

MM & RY 2010

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