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Another season of Terror behind the Walls has concluded at Eastern State Penitentiary. Soon the porta-potties, extra trash cans, entrance gates, and “ghost bus” stops will be removed from the perimeter of the prison. Sadie and Lily are both fascinated with the event as well as terrorized by it every year. During the evenings they can hear the music and people through the wall, especially when the crowds are heavy close to Halloween. In the morning, if they are lucky, someone will have dropped a morsel of food on the sidewalk.

During the Terror behind the wall season, Sadie becomes a Warrior Poodle at night. She runs out ahead of Lily to check out whether or not the line to get in the event is long. She watches people walking to see whether or not they are joining the line. She investigates everyone who gathers in group, either up close and personal or from a distance, to see if they are going to get in a car, enter a restaurant, or visit a neighbor. She is especially suspicious of the event workers who dress up in costumes and rush at the people waiting in line. She barks at them under her breath and always looks for Lily to see if she is afraid or relaxed.

Sadie’s warrior heart is hard humorous because she takes her protective duties towards the family very seriously despite her slight size.

MM & RY 2011

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