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Another season of Terror behind the Walls has concluded at Eastern State Penitentiary. Soon the porta-potties, extra trash cans, entrance gates, and “ghost bus” stops will be removed from the perimeter of the prison. Sadie and Lily are both fascinated with the event as well as terrorized by it every year. During the evenings they can hear the music and people through the wall, especially when the crowds are heavy close to Halloween. In the morning, if they are lucky, someone will have dropped a morsel of food on the sidewalk.

During the Terror behind the wall season, Sadie becomes a Warrior Poodle at night. She runs out ahead of Lily to check out whether or not the line to get in the event is long. She watches people walking to see whether or not they are joining the line. She investigates everyone who gathers in group, either up close and personal or from a distance, to see if they are going to get in a car, enter a restaurant, or visit a neighbor. She is especially suspicious of the event workers who dress up in costumes and rush at the people waiting in line. She barks at them under her breath and always looks for Lily to see if she is afraid or relaxed.

Sadie’s warrior heart is hard humorous because she takes her protective duties towards the family very seriously despite her slight size.

MM & RY 2011

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Sadie earned an A plus for great behavior from her beloved groomer, Barbie. Sadie has climbed quite a large mountain to achieve this, since her first trip resulted in a D for Difficult. Sadie is a handful of energy for sure. One can see why mini-poodles are circus favorites. She is agile, extremely athletic, smart and yet – super silly. All of these characteristics come into play when under the clippers. She has to control the wiggles, the bounces, the sniffs, and the superior canine senses of hearing and smell in order to be snipped and sheared into the comfort zone. Now shaven, Sadie shivers because it’s still a little bit winter. But soon, she will thank us for converting her furious curls into velvet for spring. Click here to see larger Flickr fPat’s photo of her last week in the snow:


Here’s our amateurish snapshot of her after Barbie’s magic.


MM & RY 2009

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Sadie has been experiencing frozen precipitation all week. Her experiences included walking during a snow shower, walking on new snow, walking on frozen snow, eating frozen snow, sliding on ice created from refrozen melted snow, and running on a playground made uneven due to snow that has turned into mini icebergs. She seemed to enjoy the falling snow and the snow icebergs the best. The problem with snow that has accumulated on the ground is that it gets stuck in her paws and turns into ice cubes because it becomes matted down from her playful antics. Once that happens, she stops, holds her paw in the air and waits for us to remove the ice so she can run around some more. That goes on for as long as we are willing. Inevitably, we discover that Sadie’s entire belly is covered with icicles upon our return home. We dust her off and she returns the favor by racing around the house and taunting Lily by taking a rawhide, toy, or snack.

Eventually, she drops from exhaustion, naps quite a long while, and recharges for the next version of snow to encounter. MM & RY 2009


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Events of the day

The hawk flew over the heads of Sadie and Lily, the Fairmount dogs, with a squirrel dangling from its huge claws. The hawk flew lower, approaching the Fairmount dogs. The closer it flew to the dogs, the more excited they became. Imagine their eagerness when the hawk dropped the squirrel just a few feet away from where they were standing! The race was on – we were heading from one direction, Sadie and Lily from another. Luckily, we got to the squirrel before Sadie and Lily. Thus, we avoided a repeat of the Summer Serenade, Part 1 and Part 2.

We later encountered a 10 year old boxer rescue named Maggie at the upper hill of the playground. She has lots of gray hair on her face. She has a new puppy sidekick named Jade. Sadie and Lily danced with Maggie and Jade for a while. Lily dominated everyone with her grip on a large stick.

We then returned to the lower playground, scene of the hawk-squirrel drop. Stella, another of Sadie and Lily’s friends, was playing in the area. She side swiped her human, then darted for the squirrel. She grabbed it and pulled a showboating move before we could catch her. We quickly rounded up all the dogs and headed off of the playground, warning all the incoming dog families about the imminent threat of dead squirrel play.

MM & RY 2008

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Lily watches the street

Lily attends to the street

Sadie Leans

Sadie leans to see as much of the activity as possible

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Sadie and Lily made a new friend today. Her name is Chloe. She is a four month old Beagle puppy.

Chloe is literally a lightning bolt of energy! Sadie was enchanted by her super charged and speedy ways. Chloe and Sadie played and played this afternoon. Every once in a while Lily mediated their activities with a light boxer punch to emphasize her physical superiority over the little ones! What a sight they were.

MM & RY 2008

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Sadie was groomed a couple of weeks ago. She was looking very curly just before the deed was done. Barbie, her groomer, gave her an A+ for behavior! This is quite an improvement from her very first report card. She earned a “D” for difficult back then. Just look at what her groomer had to deal with…

Here is a photo of Sadie at rest, tired from all the primping. She has bows in her hair, but those were scratched out by the end of the evening!

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