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Sadie and Lily are committed to food. Birthdays and other celebrations are high on their list of fun times. They are working this situation hard to get a bit of the fabulous Italian Rum cake on the corner of the counter. It’s from our favorite bakery in Philly. It is fair to say that the bakery is a favorite of Sadie and Lily too. The candles are vintage.

MM & RY 2012

Seriously Sadie!

Lily sits in disbelief at the antics of Sadie the Squirt

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Sadie is looking fashionable today because she was just clipped yesterday. Lily has been witnessed to run at full throttle on the playground all week now that the snow has melted and the ground is somewhat dry. Here are some photos of the dogs from the last few months while we have been on hiatus. MM & RY 2011

Sadie is in her usual position, at the top of the sofa looking out of the windows. She is always on alert. She is the alarmist and Lily is the muscle.

Lily, AKA the smoosh, has a lot of unique positions on her favorite chair. This one is her super-duper puppy curl, when she is the tiniest she can be despite her "almost" 80 pound body.

Sadie is shown here at her shaggiest. When we can't see the eyes, it is time for a visit to Barbie the groomer.

Lately, Sadie and Lily's favorite chair is draped with two striped blankets plus the girls themselves. Every day in Fairmount ends the same way - with Sadie and Lily huddled together something like this.

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Sadie and Lily

Sadie and Lily after their Tropical Pawadise Pawpawty DJ Duties

Sadie and Lily enjoy their DJ duties at monthly Pawpawty events organized by Twitter Anipals to raise money for animal charities.  The girls have their own Blip.fm station here. Today the Pawpawty theme was Tropical Pawadise. You can read more about the event here.   We shared tunes from Brazil (the Tropical part) and featured musical artists from Philadelphia (the paradise part – at least as far as Sadie and Lily are concerned)! MM & RY 2010

Sadie, woofed out

Sadie, woofed out

Lily wants her blankee

Lily wants her blankee

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Sadie and Lily are trying to stay cool, just like all the rest of Philadelphia’s human and pet populations! They enjoy lounging in front of the fan and sipping chilled water. However, due to their status as “young dogs,” they require a lot of exercise. Today was typical of the hottest days at the playground. Sadie and Lily played alone. They ran from shady spot to shady spot. They enjoyed a bit of forest wandering. Lily wallowed in a dirt hole behind the bench. Sadie chased a bird. Both of them cooled off in a post-playground bath.  MM & RY 2010

Sadie cools off in front of the fan

Lily finds shade on the playground

Lily cools off under the bench while Sadie plays peekaboo

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Sadie and Lily, aka the Fairmount Dogs, are inseparable. They play, eat, sleep, run, and guard together. Here are a few moments of togetherness from just one typical day with Sadie and Lily. MM & RY 2010

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Sadie's fixated on the view from her couch

When the sun reappears, Sadie monitors for the sounds of shovels

Sadie and Lily monitor the doors and windows on our street. The view through the window gives a glimpse of the blizzard two days ago. The second photo shows Sadie carefully scrutinizing the sounds outside when the shoveling begins. She barks if its too close, too loud, or too inconsistent. Lily is a little more laid back about the near constant activity outside. Both of them wait eagerly for their opportunity to go for the next walk, snow trek, or quick errand in the car. Everywhere we go we encounter the same joyous little dogs, so happy to be out and about with their people, sniffing ludicrous amounts of information and galloping through mounds of snow. They seem to know this is a once in a lifetime pleasure. Watch Lily go in the video below.  MM & RY 2010

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Sadie in the Back Yard

There is a lot of snow in Philadelphia. Sadie is looking quite tiny against the mounds on our back yard stoop. She enjoys it, yet she’s a little intimidated to be out in the cold without her forever pal, Lily at her side. The dogs are due for a Fairmount walk in a little while. In the meantime, they are soaking up some sunshine in a favorite sunny spot on the stair way landing. MM & RY 2010

Lounging on the Landing

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