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Sadie and Lily are committed to food. Birthdays and other celebrations are high on their list of fun times. They are working this situation hard to get a bit of the fabulous Italian Rum cake on the corner of the counter. It’s from our favorite bakery in Philly. It is fair to say that the bakery is a favorite of Sadie and Lily too. The candles are vintage.

MM & RY 2012

Seriously Sadie!

Lily sits in disbelief at the antics of Sadie the Squirt

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Sadie is a clever girl. She has heightened senses and therefore barks a lot. She barks to let us know that she has heard a noise in the distance. We often doubt her, but over the years we have learned she is not random. She simply has superior hearing. Last night she heard thunder in the distance many seconds before we did. Like all dogs, she also has a superior sense of smell as well. For instance, she discovered this eggshell at Fairmount Park last week with her nose! It has since washed away in the rains of the past couple of days. In the mean time, Sadie has parked on the favorite chair, positioned to alert us to all that is new. MM & RY 2010

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We are giving a high paw to this Alexandria, VA Firehouse for accommodating walking dogs in the neighborhood. Dog 205 and the welcome bowl of water are neighborhood fixtures. Have you seen this dog? Does your fire station have a station dog? Has it in the past? If so, please send us a note and we will add your comment to our post. MM & RY 2010

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Sadie La P is nosy. She has to be in on everything happening in the kitchen, on the stoop, in the living room, and at work. She displays her interest in the following ways:

  • She runs at a full gallop when the door of the refrigerator opens.
  • She barks each and every time she hears footsteps outside of the front window.
  • She darts off of the stoop to investigate dogs and kids who pass by on the rare occasions when she is allowed to sit on the front stoop.
  • She is a thief – of all things rawhide-related that belong to Lily.
  • Sadie is a tattle tale. She insists we pay attention to the things she has noticed by looking at them, then at us over and over and over until we pick up on what she is communicating.

As for Lily, she peacefully co-exists with her relentlessly energetic l’il sis. Luckily, Lily is an easy going smoosh of a dog whose greatest joys in life involve playing with her pals at the park and licking every human she meets when they aren’t looking.

MM & RY 2010

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Lily was a tiny puppy – once, for about 30 seconds. She is shown above at the age of three months. The picture tells the story to come. Lily, the energetic, curious, playful and slightly mischievous  youngster wants a piece of the house plant slightly out of reach. She is balancing on her giant paws to figure out whether or not she can sniff, lick, or pull a bit of foliage. We worked over those  seemingly endless early months to keep her from digging and eating plants, and fortunately those lessons worked because our grown up Lily is very disciplined. In those early days, people often commented on those giant paws: “what a cute boxer,” they would say: “she is going to be a giant one day.” Well, she is indeed a gentle giant – eager to please, ready for affection, and playful yet respectful of our moods. It is hard to believe that our memories of Lily’s blurry festival of boxer puppy action are slowly fading now that she is three and fully mature (so to speak).  MM & RY 2010

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Sadie is not the only Fairmount Dog that has developed a few new tricks for the new year. Lily has a set of her own cute but also maddening new behaviors to share. Even as the new traits threaten to overtake the old ones, the one thing about Lily will never change is her smooshy, sugary-sweet, social butterfly disposition.

Here’s what is new for 2010:

1. Lily has neglected her favorite chair in favor of the bed, where she now sleeps with her back against all the pillows on the bed with her legs stretched out straight in front of her. 

2. Lily jumps into action much more quickly when we start cooking in the kitchen. In the past she has waited for Sadie to scout the situation. But after two years of Sadie getting first dibs on the really good stuff – like eggs, cheese, and peanut butter – Lily is a lot quicker to join the action.

3. Lily learned to kiss – she shares a teeny, tiny little one on the cheek with her favorite people instead of giving the big slurpy ones. Everyone is dazzled by her gentle ways.

4. Lily and Charlie, the great dane puppy we have mentioned before, have become friends. Sadie is out.

5. Lily is becoming a better walker. She is still not a great walker like Sadie, and she has yet to inspire a map collection, but she is better at pacing herself and seems to enjoy her walks a little more each day. 

MM & RY 2010


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Sadie on the mend

Sadie is starting to feel better. Lily has lost a tiny bit of weight. The combination means that our dogs are friskier than ever. The cool, crisp Philadelphia days are energizing them further. They not only love their long walks, playground romps, and encounters with Charlie the Great Dane puppy – they also love to fetch all their stuffed toys. Fetch is a game we normally encourage as an outdoor activity. Lately, however, Lily presents her stuffed squirrel, new toy bird with the tennis ball, or one of her squeaky footballs (she has a few of them) around 10 in the evening. She is ready to start hopping around the living room to fetch the toy-de-jour. Last night was the first time in over two months that Sadie jumped into the fun. Sadie breaks out the full puppy dash – she bolts around the house as though she was a world class sprinter. She does not have the stamina of a few months ago, but it delighted us to see her back into competition mode. 

MM & RY 2009

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