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Sadie and Lily go for a Ride

Sadie and Lily are back from their long hiatus. They enjoy few things more than taking a joy ride through the streets of Philadelphia. Here’s proof, once again!

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Sadie is not the only Fairmount Dog that has developed a few new tricks for the new year. Lily has a set of her own cute but also maddening new behaviors to share. Even as the new traits threaten to overtake the old ones, the one thing about Lily will never change is her smooshy, sugary-sweet, social butterfly disposition.

Here’s what is new for 2010:

1. Lily has neglected her favorite chair in favor of the bed, where she now sleeps with her back against all the pillows on the bed with her legs stretched out straight in front of her. 

2. Lily jumps into action much more quickly when we start cooking in the kitchen. In the past she has waited for Sadie to scout the situation. But after two years of Sadie getting first dibs on the really good stuff – like eggs, cheese, and peanut butter – Lily is a lot quicker to join the action.

3. Lily learned to kiss – she shares a teeny, tiny little one on the cheek with her favorite people instead of giving the big slurpy ones. Everyone is dazzled by her gentle ways.

4. Lily and Charlie, the great dane puppy we have mentioned before, have become friends. Sadie is out.

5. Lily is becoming a better walker. She is still not a great walker like Sadie, and she has yet to inspire a map collection, but she is better at pacing herself and seems to enjoy her walks a little more each day. 

MM & RY 2010


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Sadie's Thinking about it

Sadie and Lily visit the playground many times each week. Sometimes, as was the case today, there are quite a lot of boxers around. Lily, Bali, Cali, Petunia, Bailey, Champ and Max were in the mix this afternoon. Click here to get a peek at what they do – often. Sadie spends a lot of time figuring out what to do around boxers. Her reactions depend on many factors, including her energy level, whether or not she has a playful disposition at the moment, and the degree to which the boxer raucousness is being managed by the humans.  Sometimes Sadie plays along. Sometimes she nudges Lily. Sometimes she snarls at the puppies like Petunia. Sometimes she hangs out with the people, just waiting for things to calm down (as is the case in the photo above).  No matter what the boxers do, Sadie is always a faithful guardian of her best pal Lily.

MM & RY 2009


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paper towel photo courtesy crafty goat

photo courtesy flickr’s crafty goat

We have been arbitrating a competition between the dogs for rawhides during the past 24 hours. Let’s be clear on the circumstances. We give both dogs their own rawhide. Sadie takes hers and runs into the living room to chew at full throttle. A minute later, she returns just as speedily to take Lily’s too. She races back to the living room, Lily hops along behind her. Lily begins to whine and grr, but Sadie ignores her. We arbitrate often to be sure both dogs get fair access to their rawhides.

There is much the same competition for empty paper towel tubes. Both dogs grab an end; then the pulling begins. The tube usually splits apart because of the tugging, and each dog gets a piece. The competition turns on who can tear the tube apart fastest and messiest. Sadie may reign in rawhide stealing and chewing, but Lily is the Queen of cardboard paper towel pulling and shredding.

Lily wins the competition

sadie not playing

MM and RY 2009

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The economic crisis has solidified our resolve that Sadie and Lily will remain Fairmount Dogs for some time to come. Our now and again thoughts of finding a home with a larger yard and possibly off street parking are on hold indefinitely while we, along with everyone else, work out what these difficult economic times will mean for our futures. Here is a little sample of our space and cost fixations:

  • Where should we store the extra blankets for pooch since our home has only two Victorian-era-sized closets?
  • On doggie beds – should we use or loose them since they occupy precious floor space? (Sadie and Lily are perfectly content on the people furniture….)
  • How can we economize on dog food costs when there is no place to store the 40 pound bag of kibbles?
  • Is there anywhere in Philadelphia that grooms mini-poodles for less than $75 dollars each visit or should we invest in learning how to trim Sadie’s curls ourselves?
  • Is there any vet in Center City that offers pet family rates for owners of more than one animal?
  • When will someone start Gasbuddy.com for pets that locates lowest cost pet care products and services by location?

Our dogs are happy living in our Philadelphia row home and in Fairmount. Our schedules permit time to provide plenty of structured exercise. Sadie and Lily are extremely fortunate to have outdoor spaces at home. Many of our friends live in row home or high rise apartments without balconies or outdoor spaces and views. Sadie and Lily enjoy looking at the street from the roof deck. But, Sadie in particular is highly vocal when attending to the street below. Since we live in a densely populated residential area, on a bus route, and across the street from a restaurant, there is no end to what Sadie feels is worthy of a shout out to us a few floors below her. So, the Fairmount Dogs head in and out of the deck many times a day, but never for so long as to cause a ruckus.

Sadie and Lily have run of the inside of the house now that they are house trained and past their puppy destructive ways. We allow them access to all the comfy furniture, with the caveat that appropriate dog coverings are in place. As a result, our house always looks a little shabbier than it actually is. Our only rug is old, well worn and frayed at one edge from the occasional chewing mistake. (Lily chews rawhides there and sometimes grabs a bit of carpet too). The bed has a few teeth marks courtesy Sadie, circa 8 months old. The couch has a well worn scuff – again via Sadie in high energy mode. Our front window is in a constant state of smudge, despite the fact that we wash it almost every day. We are pretty sure our neighbors think we never clean since you would have to walk past at the exact few minutes between smudgings to notice any difference in the window’s appearance. Seriously.

MM & RY 2008

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Thanks to everyone who has sent us comments related to our post on Sadie’s alleged foolishness. There seems to be a consensus among our readers that Sadie may be foolish, but not for taking walks off lead with Lily. In fact, two days ago we were complimented by one of the neighbors on the cuteness of the sight of Sadie and Lily on their walks, Sadie just hopping along side of Lily’s long strides.

On the other hand, there is the rolling behavior we have mentioned so often (see posts here, here, here, and here)  in regard to Sadie and her love of the forest. To be sure, Lily really enjoys a nice long stretch while laying on the ground. She loves to roll as much as any other dog does. However, we suggest that rolling is one thing and Rolling with a capital R is different altogether. Sadie engages in Rolling with a capital R.  She finds things, all kinds of things – to roll in. This week alone she rolled on: pizza crumbs, a dead bird, wet grass on the playground, a shredded tennis ball, the bed and carpet after each one of her daily baths, the couch, and the back yard deck. Lily rolled just once, lowercase, on the grass at the playground in order to receive a belly rub from Bali’s people.

We have tried to capture Sadie’s Rolling mannerisms on film, but one of the unique aspects of her habit is that you cannot predict when she will do it, you only know that she will do it sometime soon. We hope to share some images of the gusto with which she dives to the ground, head and ears first, finds the smelliest part, and thrashes her tiny body into the action. Now that is foolishly fun and everyone always chuckles at the sight of her.

Sadie watches from her post on the sofa

MM & RY 2008

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