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Sadie and Lily are committed to food. Birthdays and other celebrations are high on their list of fun times. They are working this situation hard to get a bit of the fabulous Italian Rum cake on the corner of the counter. It’s from our favorite bakery in Philly. It is fair to say that the bakery is a favorite of Sadie and Lily too. The candles are vintage.

MM & RY 2012

Seriously Sadie!

Lily sits in disbelief at the antics of Sadie the Squirt

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Lily celebrated her second birthday this past Thursday. It is hard to say that she is fully mature, but she surely is fully grown. She has developed new amusing habits. One of them is that she seems to enjoy taunting Sadie the squirt with squeak toys beginning at about 11:30 pm every night. At first, Sadie attempts to steal the toy by playing possum and striking when she thinks Lily is not paying attention. Unfortunately for Sadie, Lily is very aware of that game. She counters Sadie’s ploy with a quick boxer punch to the torso, followed by a session of chewing her curls. Sadie responds by turning over, paws straight up in the air, readying herself for a belly rub from whomever decides to break up the boisterous play.  By 1 am or so, all of this activity has come to an end. At times, we find Lily has fallen asleep with the squeaky toy right between her paws. They are so exhausted that neither one of the is active again until late morning the following day.

Another is that she knows the walk route to the playground. However, she only attempts to lead us there when we are on the afternoon walk. If we should decide to walk a route that does not immediately seem directed towards the playground, she protests by first looking and then dragging us where she thinks we should go.

As a result of this behavior, we sometimes drive her to different parts of the city to introduce completely new walk routes. Today Lily visited the Korean War Memorial while walking through Penn’s Landing. Imagine our surprise to discover that one of the ships that was engaged in the conflict was called the USS Boxer. You can read all about the history of the ship, the fifth of the USS Boxer series, on Wikipedia.

While Lily was discovering her inner patriot, Sadie was being terrific kitchen companion! We noted the activity on Tidbits.

MM & RY 2008

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