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Sadie and Lily are committed to food. Birthdays and other celebrations are high on their list of fun times. They are working this situation hard to get a bit of the fabulous Italian Rum cake on the corner of the counter. It’s from our favorite bakery in Philly. It is fair to say that the bakery is a favorite of Sadie and Lily too. The candles are vintage.

MM & RY 2012

Seriously Sadie!

Lily sits in disbelief at the antics of Sadie the Squirt

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Sadie in sweater

Lily with a stick

Click through to see the dogs in action. Sadie likes the forest, while Lily loves to run. MM & RY 2009

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Sadie and Lily had a true playground adventure last night. Our usually happy go lucky late afternoon doggie play date turned a little dark as Sadie was dominated by one of the more aggressive dogs and Lily made the decision to cross Kelly Drive.

Let’s start with Lily’s adventure and back up to Sadie’s. There is no telling why Lily decided that she wanted to cross one of Philadelphia’s busiest streets. On the side across Kelly Drive from the playground is a walk/bike/roll/run path that is used by hundreds of exercisers each day. What happens on the path is always interesting to Lily.  There are lots of people moving quickly on bikes and skates. Many dogs are running partners with their humans. Children are strolled. Lately, some artists have set up easels to paint the scenes and landscapes. Families and friends hold picnics. Couples take walks hand in hand.

We are always mindful of Lily’s interest in the activities of the path. Yesterday, something caught Lily’s attention and drew her in. She ran full throttle towards Kelly Drive. Everyone gasped as Lily sped closer to the edge of the road. It is not clear what she saw or why she stopped. Little Sadie was chasing with all her speed to catch up and coax Lily to rejoin the other dogs. Dillan chased Sadie. Mini chased Dillan. Lily finally did return when she finally heard her name called. She walked back slowly and lounged the rest of the evening with the other dogs.

Sadie’s adventure involved play with Mini, a mini-poodle/mini-schnauzer mix about her size and color. Sadie and Mini share something important in common. They both live with Boxers. Mini’s boxer is named Cassius. He is about a year old, cute as can be, and sparkly in personality. Like Sadie and Lily, Mini and Cassius are best buddies. They do everything together. They love Sadie and Lily. Sadie and Mini were playing with a beagle puppy when another dog busted onto the playground. He immediately went for Sadie and within seconds she was lying on her back, paws kicking, whimpering. The other dog had pinned her and had her in a neck choke with his mouth. Cassius and Mini were barking and trying to get the other dog to back down. The people ran from every direction to separate the dogs. Sadie was quickly freed and the other dog shooed away. Eventually Sadie and her attacker made up and played together for the rest of the evening. But Sadie’s vulnerability reminded us that even though her personality is large and her heart and spirit even larger, she is still a 13 pound squirt of a dog.

We are happy to report that little Sadie and Tiger Lily are safe and sound after the evening adventures.

Sadie relaxes after her adventure on the playground

MM and RY 2008

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