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Sadie and Lily hanging out together on their favorite bed. They are now 11 years old. A bit creaky, but sweet as ever! MM and RY 2016

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Sadie and Lily go for a Ride

Sadie and Lily are back from their long hiatus. They enjoy few things more than taking a joy ride through the streets of Philadelphia. Here’s proof, once again!

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Sadie and Lily have been tagged by DogThunder and Lightning via their twitter feed, @dogthunder. The instructions for the game call for reposting the 10th photo on our blog and tagging five additional doggie bloggers via twitter. Here is our photo:


It is Lily as a three month old puppy investigating the clay pots on our backyard stoop. We live in the city, so there is no real back yard – just the stoop. Even so, Lily found plenty to do back there when she was younger. Now she loves to lounge in the sun. From the stoop she can see what is happening in the kitchen AND the birds who visit our little tree in the planter.

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MM & RY 2010

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My name is Lou, also known as @LouPeb on Twitter, and this is my story.

I am from a shelter called ‘Noah’s Ark’ in Arizona. I adopted my Mom and Dad seven years ago at Petco adoption event. They were there to buy fish food (Can you believe it? fish food! hah!).  But when I saw them, I ran to them – stepping on other pups inside the cage. Their fate was sealed right there and then. Heheh. Back then we were living in an apartment in Phoenix. It was not bad, but Mom wanted me to have a backyard for romping. So, we moved to a small house in the suburbs about two months later.

About my sister Pebbles….Mom read about how hard it was for older pups in the shelters to find a home and wanted to adopt one. But she also worried about how I would react. She was forever browsing petfinder.com. One sunny Sunday in 2006 we went to the Arizona Animal Welfare League in downtown Phoenix. Mom had already seen some of the pups there online the night before we went. When she saw Pebbles, she had to bring her home. They estimated Pebble’s age to be about 10 years old. She had a hypothyroid condition, and they had to pull out 6 of her teeth. They did not know her history. She was called “Georgia” but we changed her name to Pebbles. I didn’t really pay attention to her when we got home….well, not until she attacked me! I guess it was too much for her to handle when she saw Mom spoonfeeding me! Heheh! Eventually, we learned to coexist and share Mom and her spoonfeeding ways! 🙂

My best quality is that I like to kiss! Oh, I kiss mom everyday – each time, at least 10 minutes; straight up!! My sister Pebbles kisses mom all day long.

One more thing you need to know about me: My favorite dessert is yogurt drops!

My motto is: “Rescue Mutts Rule!” You can see more pictures of me and my sister here. I have my own website too, it’s here.


Lou, of Lou and Pebbles


My sister, Pebbles

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My name is Fergus. My background is a bit of a mystery but mum says I’m part Shepherd, mostly mutt! The vet thinks I might have some husky in me. Mum says I pull like a husky so he’s probably right!

On the 7th of April, I will have lived with my family for a year. I met them at the Dane County Humane Society.

My family has two sweet kids in it. For his 8th birthday present, my boy sponsored a dog at the Humane Society and my family had come to meet the dog he picked to sponsor. They had decided to adopt a dog if they could find one my girl wasn’t afraid of. The dog my boy sponsored was a total nutter and scared the wits out of my girl so that definitely wasn’t going to work. They decided to look at the other dogs and Mum found me. When I met them, I sat beside Mum and leaned on her leg while she petted me and gave me a hug. Then, my girl came over and sat down beside me and started to pet me and give me a hug too. She had never done that with a dog before so everyone knew we were meant to be a family. They came back the next day and took me home. That’s when I met Arthur the cat. He was very curious about me but hit me on the head with his paw ever time I got too close. I was pretty scared of him for a while. I wouldn’t walk past him unless someone was with me,which got me into trouble a couple of times when he blocked my path to the door and I didn’t make it outside in time. We’re good friends now though, well most of the time anyway.

I love my family. My boy is silly and plays with me (I think he has a lot of puppy in him) and my girl is sweet and teaches me tricks. My favorite things are rawhides, my squeaky squirrel toys, stuffed kongs and sprinklers. I really, really love sprinklers as you will see from my YouTube videos. I love playing with other dogs and my favourite places to be are the dog park and The Dog Den, my wonderful doggy daycare.

I want to thank my friends at Fairmount Dog Stories for giving me the chance to tell my story. I am very excited that you chose me as one of the features for your blog.


Fergus (AKA @Fergusthedog)

Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/fergusthedog

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St Pats LilyUPDATE 3/21/09: The Twitter #PawPawty held on Tuesday, March 17, 2009 was a great success and lots of fun for everyone involved. Frugal Dougal’s Blog has a comprehensive update of activities and outcomes of all the games and challenges that were part of the party. There are also links to the music we played and danced to! The best part about it was that Anipals on Twitter have nearly met the fund-raising goal  established by Romeo the Cat of $1000 for the worthwhile organization called Animals in Distress. Animals in Distress is dealing with the fall out of the economic crisis that is placing many family pets back into shelters after making heart wrenching decisions to give them up. You can contribute funds via the internet at this site, created by Romeo the Cat. Every dollar matters, in fact it is a $1 challenge.

The winners of Dogstories’ Rawhide Wars competition are: Bruno the Dog and Fergus the Dog. We will be sharing pictures and posts about both of them in the days ahead, showcasing what fine qualities they have. Thank you to everyone involved in this event and to all who gave generously of their time and money to support Animals in Distress.  MM & RY 2009


It’s on – the #PawPawty that is! Conceived of in a fur-y of tweets among pet bloggers on Sunday night during a previously organized cat party, the scheme to organize all the pets on Twitter to raise awareness and funds to meet the needs of shelter pets came into shape.

The event is best described in Frugaldougal of Twitter’s blog. Romeo the cat is sponsoring a fund-raising drive here.

Sadie and Lily are sponsoring a Rawhide War for the #Pawpawty. They also have a new Blip play list of all their favorite songs.

So be sure to join in the fun today, beginning at 3 pm EST. The party will roar on through Twitter for 24 hours; Rawhide wars are set for 6-8 pm and again from 11 pm to midnight.

Top o’ the morning!

MM & RY 2009

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Nearly everyone we know has a favorite spot in the neighborhood for observing the spicy, irreverent, funkadelic qualities of our neighborhoods’s finest peeps. Our favorite five are those where our dogs Sadie and Lily are welcome.

1. We love the corner of 20th and Fairmount, home of Rite Aid, Fairmount Pizza, the Post Office and Ace Hardware. If the collection of businesses does not already say it all, surely the crowd that is always waiting for food pick ups at Fairmount Pizza does. We can’t really think of a better spot anywhere in the city that hosts a better town and gown combo. The old Rittenhouse Diner was comparable, but now that it is the Marathon Diner (old timers know the spot – 19th and Spruce), it is now far too chi-chi to qualify.

2. Our Vietnam Memorial Park (shown above, circa 2006), located at 24th and Aspen Streets, has been recently rehabbed. There are new benches and plaques honoring local residents who lost their lives in the conflict. Long time residents will tell you it was the first Vietnam Memorial created in the U.S., since it was founded during the conflict in the 1960s. Meticulously maintained, used by everyone, this spot is a true gathering place on sunny days.

3. The Corner of 23rd and Fairmount is where the 48 and 7 buses collect the people going into Center City on weekday mornings. There is a daily choreography of events around that stop. On cold and rainy days people prolong their coffee purchases at the various corner coffee shops as long as possible to stay warm and dry. There are runners from all four directions every day. Some folks steal newspapers off the stoops of the residents because they feel entitled and think noone can see them. Some love the local dogs; others don’t. The dog-averse peeps adjust their positions on the corner every five seconds as a new pup rounds the corner and enters the bus stop area. For the first six months of Lily’s life, she thought all the bus stop folks were waiting for her, since they could not resist her adorable cuteness and super social good nature. Now they give us a little more space since Lily is quite large and wiggly.

4. The bulldog in the triangle park at 25th and Pennsylvania is one of our favorite places. There’s a giant bulldog statue in the park. Needless to say, all the people who hang out there are interesting to Sadie and Lily!

5 The walk along Green Street in the Art Museum and Fairmount areas showcases wide stone slab and brick sidewalks, 19th century industrial era architecture, brownstone buildings and iron grill work, amazing views of the Center City Skyline, and lovely front yard gardens. Our dogs enjoy encountering the people who stroll Green Street. They take their time to absorb the details and soak in the ambiance. Sadie and Lily usually score hugs and pets.

Share your favorite people watching spots in Philly in the comments! We will tweet them at http://twitter.com/dogstories.

MM & RY 2009

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