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Sadie and Lily are committed to food. Birthdays and other celebrations are high on their list of fun times. They are working this situation hard to get a bit of the fabulous Italian Rum cake on the corner of the counter. It’s from our favorite bakery in Philly. It is fair to say that the bakery is a favorite of Sadie and Lily too. The candles are vintage.

MM & RY 2012

Seriously Sadie!

Lily sits in disbelief at the antics of Sadie the Squirt

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Sadie contemplates next move from her hiding place under the throw.

Sadie, of Sadie and Lily, has a large vocabulary. It suits her since she is a vocal dog. She may be small in stature but she never misses an opportunity for her voice to be heard. Here’s the rundown:

Go Sadie Go *runs real fast, especially up the stairs*

Go home Sadie *darts down the block to our stoop and waits for door to open, Lily lags behind*

Wait Sadie *stops and retreats*

icccckkkkkk *considers NOT eating something she is sniffing*

Off *jumps off furniture and jumps back on again, as if it was the most fun a dog could have on earth*

Mine *Sadie yawns to pretend that she is ok giving up on a toy, rawhide, or nugget of food*

Sit Sadie *Sadie sits!*

Let’s Go Sadie *Sadie trots with you to the next destination*

Up *Sadie has permission to hop on the bed, chair or sofa and does so in an instant*

Right Now *Sadie must come immediately because she is lost in the forest, thick bushes, or some other place more interesting than her walk route*

MM & RY 2011

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Lily the Smoosh Up Close

Here is a recent photo of Lily, AKA the smoosh, up close. She is going gray at just four years old. We think her best pal, Sadie – AKA our mini poodle and first class squirt, taunts her mercilessly. Lily’s disposition is nearly always sweet and good natured. But every once in a while she lets Sadie know that she is number one. MM & RY 2011

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Sadie La P is nosy. She has to be in on everything happening in the kitchen, on the stoop, in the living room, and at work. She displays her interest in the following ways:

  • She runs at a full gallop when the door of the refrigerator opens.
  • She barks each and every time she hears footsteps outside of the front window.
  • She darts off of the stoop to investigate dogs and kids who pass by on the rare occasions when she is allowed to sit on the front stoop.
  • She is a thief – of all things rawhide-related that belong to Lily.
  • Sadie is a tattle tale. She insists we pay attention to the things she has noticed by looking at them, then at us over and over and over until we pick up on what she is communicating.

As for Lily, she peacefully co-exists with her relentlessly energetic l’il sis. Luckily, Lily is an easy going smoosh of a dog whose greatest joys in life involve playing with her pals at the park and licking every human she meets when they aren’t looking.

MM & RY 2010

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sadie helps

Sometimes Sadie helps. This summer she monitored an extensive paint job from the top landing of the staircase. Unlike Lily, who simply hid as far away from the action as possible (on top of the pillows on our bed), Sadie was in the middle of the whole activity. She kept a careful eye on the location of the paint, roller, and tray at all times. She sniffed but did not taste the paint. She barked a lot of commands to everyone involved in the project. She avoided the ladder completely. All in all, Sadie is a good companion for what can be a mundane job. As you can see, she also took over the drop cloth. Sadie thinks that every draped or bunched up fabric on the floor is actually a new bed just for her.

MM & RY 2009


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Sadie loves to visit the country. She enjoys just about every aspect of country life imaginable. She loves to run in open fields of grass, smell the scent trails of unfamiliar critters, chase birds in flight, bark at imposing threats, and wander through thick vegetation. Lily prefers to stay where crowds are a little larger because of her super social demeanor. Her forest adventures in Fairmount Park hardly ever occur in isolation from other park users. In country settings, where the crowds are more sparse, Lily goes on high alert. Every sound is a reminder of her intense need to guard her people. Sadie, the alarmist, simply sounds off and goes about her business, tail wagging the whole time. 

Sadie is a regular guest of our country friends and family throughout the year. This week, we visited folks on the Eastern Shore. Here are the lessons Sadie learned:

1. NEVER jump in the pool when the pool cover is still on.

2. It is a lot of fun to taunt the dogs play in back yards bounded by electronic fences.

3. Her little blue ball is not visible in tall grass.

4. She is a lot smaller than an adult goose or buzzard.

5. Yard sales are just about the most interesting thing ever!

This past weekend, we visited a couple of yard sales before returning home to participate as DJs for the latest #pawpawty organized by @frugaldougaldog. Sadie was investigating the items displayed on blankets spread out on the lawn. Apparently someone thought Sadie was for sale and offered to buy her for ten dollars! As we have said on many occasions, Sadie is simply too much – but she is NOT for sale at any price! 

MM & RY 2009

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