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Sadie, our mini-poodle, has taken a turn to the bossy side. She enforces a new command called “move.” When we ask Lily to “move” from the chair, sofa, bed or other restricted zone, Sadie begins to woof. We think she is trying to say “move” with us. Lily follows the move command – when and only when Sadie participates in the process!

Here is where Lily usually is when we ask her to “move…”


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Another season of Terror behind the Walls has concluded at Eastern State Penitentiary. Soon the porta-potties, extra trash cans, entrance gates, and “ghost bus” stops will be removed from the perimeter of the prison. Sadie and Lily are both fascinated with the event as well as terrorized by it every year. During the evenings they can hear the music and people through the wall, especially when the crowds are heavy close to Halloween. In the morning, if they are lucky, someone will have dropped a morsel of food on the sidewalk.

During the Terror behind the wall season, Sadie becomes a Warrior Poodle at night. She runs out ahead of Lily to check out whether or not the line to get in the event is long. She watches people walking to see whether or not they are joining the line. She investigates everyone who gathers in group, either up close and personal or from a distance, to see if they are going to get in a car, enter a restaurant, or visit a neighbor. She is especially suspicious of the event workers who dress up in costumes and rush at the people waiting in line. She barks at them under her breath and always looks for Lily to see if she is afraid or relaxed.

Sadie’s warrior heart is hard humorous because she takes her protective duties towards the family very seriously despite her slight size.

MM & RY 2011

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Sadie's Window

Sadie's Window

Sadie lives in her window several hours each day. We try to keep it smudge-free, but that is a difficult challenge since she really does enjoy that spot. Most of our neighbors will support our claim that Sadie attends to footsteps, car noises, and sudden thumps of all kinds from her window perch. She closely watches all of the people entering and leaving their homes in her line of sight. She has a keen ear for activities at the bus stop and local restaurant too. Her responses to these stimuli include her trademark low pitch grumble growl, her sharp “what do you think you are doing/who do you think you are walking by my house” bark, and what we call bark-fest.

Bark-fest occurs several times per day. The mail carrier is almost always on the receiving end of bark-fest. Only a vigorous morning playground¬† visit can prevent it. The folks who drop off restaurant fliers in our mail slot regularly get a dose of bark-fest. Most of all, our dog-walking friends enjoy Sadie’s bark-fest. Some of her friends will hop up on our stoop in the hopes that Sadie will come out just at that moment. And, every once in a while she does! Her best friend at the moment is Max, a two-year old cutie who is smaller than Sadie. He adores her and surprisingly, she likes him too! Through all of Sadie’s noisy and smudgy window behavior, Lily-the-Smoosh naps in her chair. MM & RY 2011


Lily, Blanket, Pillow and Chair

Lily, Blanket, Pillow and Chair


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Sadie is looking fashionable today because she was just clipped yesterday. Lily has been witnessed to run at full throttle on the playground all week now that the snow has melted and the ground is somewhat dry. Here are some photos of the dogs from the last few months while we have been on hiatus. MM & RY 2011

Sadie is in her usual position, at the top of the sofa looking out of the windows. She is always on alert. She is the alarmist and Lily is the muscle.

Lily, AKA the smoosh, has a lot of unique positions on her favorite chair. This one is her super-duper puppy curl, when she is the tiniest she can be despite her "almost" 80 pound body.

Sadie is shown here at her shaggiest. When we can't see the eyes, it is time for a visit to Barbie the groomer.

Lately, Sadie and Lily's favorite chair is draped with two striped blankets plus the girls themselves. Every day in Fairmount ends the same way - with Sadie and Lily huddled together something like this.

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Sadie and Lily, aka the Fairmount Dogs, are inseparable. They play, eat, sleep, run, and guard together. Here are a few moments of togetherness from just one typical day with Sadie and Lily. MM & RY 2010

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We are long overdue for an update on the events of notice in the lives of the Fairmount Dogs, Sadie and Lily. Here’s our list, shared in no particular order. Sadie pre and post grooming photos are here for your amusement. MM & RY 2010

1. Sadie encountered a raccoon on the back stoop a week ago. She barked at it, while Lily ran into the living room to hide. The raccoon was bigger than Sadie and smaller than Lily.

2. Sadie was filmed by a parking wars camera crew today. It was not a flattering view. You will see what we mean if at some point some footage of a mini poodle surfaces on the street views in an upcoming Philly episode.

3. Sadie and Lily survived their first 90 degree day of the season, met two new rescue dogs, witnessed a blimp overhead, and scared a lady walking by the playground (simply by being there).

4. Sadie was groomed after a winter of snow crystals embedded in her thick coat. Now she is tiny again.

5. Lily licks the legs of people wearing shorts if we don’t watch her carefully during her walks.

6. Lily charms everyone waiting for the bus in the mornings by refusing to budge from the front stairs until she has thoroughly inspected the whole block. She usually waits for walkers to pass by the stoop so she can follow them down the street.

7. There are quite a few new boxers in the neighborhood.

8. Sadie has a new habit of tossing her raw hides in the air a few times before she chews them. Lily whines throughout the entire raw hide show. The raw hide wars are officially over – Sadie has definitely won.

9. The kibbles we recently purchased are too big for Sadie. She eats them one nugget at a time as though they were cookies.

10. Sadie’s boyfriend Charlie, the Great Dane puppy, has a brother.¬† Now she is beloved by two young Great Danes.

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Sadie's fixated on the view from her couch

When the sun reappears, Sadie monitors for the sounds of shovels

Sadie and Lily monitor the doors and windows on our street. The view through the window gives a glimpse of the blizzard two days ago. The second photo shows Sadie carefully scrutinizing the sounds outside when the shoveling begins. She barks if its too close, too loud, or too inconsistent. Lily is a little more laid back about the near constant activity outside. Both of them wait eagerly for their opportunity to go for the next walk, snow trek, or quick errand in the car. Everywhere we go we encounter the same joyous little dogs, so happy to be out and about with their people, sniffing ludicrous amounts of information and galloping through mounds of snow. They seem to know this is a once in a lifetime pleasure. Watch Lily go in the video below.  MM & RY 2010

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